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What is Career and Labour Market Information?

Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about what is happening in a labour market. LMI tends to focus on the industries that are growing and declining, the types and levels of jobs are increasing and decreasing and what supply of labour is available – numbers, skill and qualification levels.

Examples of Labour Market Information:
  • Skills, career pathways and progression routes
  • Job applications and interviews
  • Educational institutions, courses, qualifications, entry requirements and costs
  • Employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and employment trends
  • Jobs, training and apprenticeships
  • Job demands and working life
  • Financial planning
What does this mean in practice?
  • Students are taught how to find and process information from year 7 onwards. They use objective information about the local and national labour market to make decisions that improve their careers and transitions into work.
  • Students have access to accurate and up-to-date information, which plays a key role in raising aspirations and promoting social mobility. This information challenges stereotypes with regional and national LMI and support from Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). The two documents below published with support from the LEP are both useful resources


  • Appropriately trained staff are on hand to offer students practical help with researching opportunities and using the resources. The staff should use social media to reach students and their parents and provide personal advice and guidance, particularly to students with intensive information needs.
  • Schools should arrange for students to gain information first-hand through encounters with employers and experiences of workplaces. Staff organise follow-up activities in the classroom to help students to personalise and maximise the benefits of these encounters.
  • Information is adapted to meet the needs of different learners. Special schools, for example, make good use of Makaton signs and symbols to support understanding of careers and employability for students with severe learning and communication difficulties.
  • The careers information area is attractive, highly visible and contains carefully-selected resources that meet the needs of different groups. The area should be properly maintained, well-used and include a mix of printed information, online resources  and in-house information to help students understand the range of different opportunities.