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Benchmark 6 – Experiences of Workplaces

Experiences of the Workplace

Every student should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to broaden their understanding and exploration of career opportunities.

Before you get started we recommend you watch the webinar below to gain a deeper insight into how to deliver this critical benchmark. Take the time as it will be invaluable to you and help to get those creative ideas flowing. The Make it Work publication is hot off the press (April 2021) with excellent worked examples for each year group.

Schools and colleges should be committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to access a range of high-quality work experience placements. It is important to remember that employers providing placements will also require support to deliver this effectively and students should be matched to opportunities that are aligned with their career interests.

Securing a range of relevant placements is in maintaining a current network of employers who are regularly communicated with by the school or college. Enterprise Adviser and the Careers Hub team can help establish wider networks to ensure that school and college students have access to the full range of industries in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly .

If you have any businesses who would like further information on giving Work Experience, please refer them to Cornwall Education Business Partnership. 

There are significant challenges in taking students out of school in term time to complete a work placement. How can I overcome this?

Schools should consider the flexible approaches recommended in the statutory guidance, which include:

• internships and holiday placements
• job shadowing
• work experience in school
• Volunteering
• work experience (less than 1 week)
• work experience (1-2 week block)
• work experience (regular/weekly commitment)
• workplace visits

Schools should ensure that all activities are planned, have real purpose and are properly monitored and evaluated.

What are the Health & Safety requirements for work experience placements?

We know that Health & Safety is a key concern for staff when considering experiences of the workplace. The Health & Safety Executive have produced some guidance which you can also share with parents and employers. Different
sectors will also have different requirements depending on the nature of the role and it is important to engage with industry bodies and employers to fully understand these