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Higher Education (HE)

HE stands for Higher Education and refer to university level courses that are level 4 upwards.

Key points
  • During Years 12 – 13 Careers Leaders should be helping  prepare students for making their choices.
  • By the age of 18, all students who are considering applying for university should have had at least two visits to universities to meet staff and students.
  • A planned programme of on-site and off-site encounters with higher education strengthen accessibility, outreach and transition preparedness for targeted groups e.g. Pupil Premium, gifted and talented students and students with special educational needs and disabilities.


  • Personalised and small-group information, advice and guidance
  • Carefully selected sources of information, including digital and print-based, which are promoted through the school’s website, newsletter and social media
  •  Close co-operation with parents, families and carers in recognition of their key influence on children’s thinking and decision-making, specifically to develop their capacity to talk about careers with their children and encourage family learning

There are over 50,000 unique degree courses that students can choose from, so helping a student make a decision on what course to apply for can be challenging.

It’s essential that you have up-to-date knowledge on key requirements for courses, along with the job routes their chosen course could lead to.

See below for HE information and local universities & colleges offering HE courses: